Summit Is Just The Start Of Dealing With Thorny Issues

Summit Is Just The Start Of Dealing With Thorny Issues

Chinese president Xi Jinping will meet US President Donald Trump for the first occasion Issues. In April 6, and 7, at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort located in Palm Beach. There are many contentious issues which both leaders are unlikely to agree on.

Trump has stated that the summit is likely into very difficult. The first meeting in person between Trump and Putin will not be the best way to reach agreement on issues. Like trade and or the North Korean nuclear crisis and the one-China strategy.

The Human Rights Of All People Are Also One China

In the past in the past, generally, United States has paid much focus on human rights in China including. Its treatment of political opponents as well as the detention attorneys for civil rights. However, Trump appears to not emphasize human rights and democracy as part of American policies on foreign affairs.

In the course of the recent visit of the US by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Trump declared. That their countries could not meet about a few things, however he didn’t mention human rights issues. In his capacity as US President, Barack Obama had not invited Sisi to the White House based. On human rights issues and had even stopped the aid of foreign countries. In Egypt during the period of two years following the president’s resignation in mid-2013.

Similar situations could occur for China should Trump adopts a uniform policy. China is, on the other on the other hand, could be seeking to maintain American acceptance. Of its one-China policy due to the fact that Trump has accepted a request by Taiwanese. The president Tsai Ing-wen shortly after his inauguration but before he spoke to Xi.

In February, both sides released statements about their mutual agreement on the policy. But the US announcement said that it had ratified the policy at China’s request. Although the US reiterated its support for the policy prior. To Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s trip in China on March. China is expected to ensure that Trump recognizes the importance. To the policies and insists that it’s not subject to negotiation.

Another area of contention from Trump’s perspective concerns his view of the American trade. Surplus in the relationship with China as well as whether China has changed it’s currency exchange rate.

During his run, Trump made a point of highlighting his concern about the US trading deficits. With China as an issue and went as far to claim that China is raping the American economy. Additionally, the US Trade Representative’s Office recently released a report that criticized China’s excessive production of aluminium and steel.

It’s important to remember that Trump was not the only one to express discontent with Japan. In addition, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe had brought an economic plan for Mar-a-Lago. In February which promises more Japanese investments into America. United States, which seemed to ease the situation.

China will not likely to adopt the same strategy to satisfy Trump. Prior to Xi’s departure the Chinese newspaper Global Times, which is considered to be a mouthpiece for Beijing and the Chinese government, stated that trade between the two countries should be guided by the market’s incentives. The publication also suggested to it was the responsibility of the United States should make its advanced technologies available to China in order to overcome problems with the American trading deficit.

North Korea Issues

It is expected that the North Korean nuclear crisis is likely to be a major topic in the list of topics. In advance of the summit, Trump told the Financial Times that the United States would work on alone in the event that China is not willing to press North Korea to give up the quest for nuclear weapons.

He didn’t explain if the word pre-emptive was referring to a military action against Pyongyang. Also, when North Korea launched a test missile just one day prior to the date of the summit and the US declared that they had no additional comments on the reclusive regime.

China has repeatedly stated that its influence on North Korea has been exaggerated. Furthermore, Beijing would like to see de-nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula so that the United States, South Korea and Japan are not able to implement THAAD. Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system. It is concerned that the missile defense shield, already in use, will identify the launch of Chinese missiles and permit Washington to stop them.

Absence Of This Connection Issues

In contrast to sons of his parents, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has not visited China. In the absence of this connection – and the recent death of North Korean allies it’s difficult to determine what type impact China can exert on the North Korean leadership.

China has stepped up sanctions against North Korea and put some investment plans there put on hold. The remaining questions are whether China can afford to support a failing state at its borders and what will occur should China is too aggressive with Pyongyang.

A mass of North Korean refugees or a possibility of an American presence North Korea are both nightmare scenarios for Beijing.